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Before you place your sample order, we would like to inform you that the sample colors might deviate from the actual fabric. Please, log in before you select samples! Be sure to log in before you select samples in order not to loose your selection when sending your request. We will send you 30cm by 20 cm samples. If you would, however, prefer larger samples, a mail to will suffice.

Sample ELEKTRA 612001 nautic aurora	ELEKTRA 612001 nautic aurora
Sample ELEKTRA 612002 elektra aurora ELEKTRA 612002 elektra aurora
Sample ELEKTRA 612003 svetlana aurora	ELEKTRA 612003 svetlana aurora
Sample ELEKTRA 612004 marvin aurora	ELEKTRA 612004 marvin aurora
Sample ELEKTRA 612005 chase aurora ELEKTRA 612005 chase aurora
Sample ELEKTRA 612006 chase aztec ELEKTRA 612006 chase aztec
Sample ELEKTRA 612007 chase feather ELEKTRA 612007 chase feather
Sample ELEKTRA 612008 devine aurora ELEKTRA 612008 devine aurora
Sample ELEKTRA 612009 devine blossom ELEKTRA 612009 devine blossom
Sample ELEKTRA 612010  devine pristine ELEKTRA 612010 devine pristine
Sample ELEKTRA 612011 devine inca ELEKTRA 612011 devine inca
Sample ELEKTRA 612012 devine skin ELEKTRA 612012 devine skin
Sample ELEKTRA 612013 devine smoke ELEKTRA 612013 devine smoke
Sample ELEKTRA 612014 elektra sky ELEKTRA 612014 elektra sky
Sample ELEKTRA 612015 svetlana sky ELEKTRA 612015 svetlana sky
Sample ELEKTRA 612016 marvin sky ELEKTRA 612016 marvin sky
Sample ELEKTRA 612017 chase sky ELEKTRA 612017 chase sky
Sample ELEKTRA 612018 nautic sky ELEKTRA 612018 nautic sky
Sample ELEKTRA 612019 svetlana pristine ELEKTRA 612019 svetlana pristine
Sample ELEKTRA 612020 chase pristine ELEKTRA 612020 chase pristine
Sample ELEKTRA 612021 chase neptune ELEKTRA 612021 chase neptune
Sample ELEKTRA 612022 marvin neptune ELEKTRA 612022 marvin neptune
Sample ELEKTRA 612023 marvin pelican ELEKTRA 612023 marvin pelican
Sample ELEKTRA 612024 marvin frost ELEKTRA 612024 marvin frost
Sample ELEKTRA 612025 elektra slate ELEKTRA 612025 elektra slate
Sample ELEKTRA 612026 elektra pelican ELEKTRA 612026 elektra pelican
Sample ELEKTRA 612027 nautic pelican ELEKTRA 612027 nautic pelican
Sample ELEKTRA 612028 marvin stucco ELEKTRA 612028 marvin stucco
Sample ELEKTRA 612029 nautic steel ELEKTRA 612029 nautic steel
Sample ELEKTRA 612030 nautic pristine ELEKTRA 612030 nautic pristine
Sample ELEKTRA 612031 elektra pristine ELEKTRA 612031 elektra pristine
Sample ELEKTRA 612032 svetlana biscuit ELEKTRA 612032 svetlana biscuit
Sample ELEKTRA 612033 marvin biscuit ELEKTRA 612033 marvin biscuit
Sample ELEKTRA 612034 chase biscuit ELEKTRA 612034 chase biscuit
Sample ELEKTRA 612035 elektra biscuit ELEKTRA 612035 elektra biscuit
Sample ELEKTRA 612036 nautic nile ELEKTRA 612036 nautic nile
Sample ELEKTRA 612037 svetlana nile ELEKTRA 612037 svetlana nile
Sample ELEKTRA 612038 elektra nile ELEKTRA 612038 elektra nile